How Poker Improves Your Life


Poker is a game that puts a player’s analytical, mathematical and interpersonal skills to the test. It also indirectly teaches players a variety of valuable life lessons.

Whether they’re playing for fun or as a career, poker is a game that requires a lot of patience. For instance, you have to learn to wait for your opponent to act before making a decision in a hand, ensuring that you’re in position and can see the strength of their hands before acting. This skill is invaluable in other situations that require you to wait for your turn, be it on a professional or personal level.

This game improves your math skills, not in the traditional 1+1=2 way, but in the probability way. A good poker player can quickly determine the odds of their cards in a given situation and will use that information to make a better decision. This is a very useful skill to have in real life, especially when making big decisions.

When you’re learning poker, it’s important to find a group of people that enjoy the game as much as you do. You’ll want to hang out with people who are strong at the game and can offer advice on how to take your game to the next level. They’ll be able to teach you things that no book or online article can. For example, you’ll be able to pick up on a player’s tells by watching their body language, idiosyncrasies and betting behavior.