Casino Marketing – How to Find the Right Audience For Your Casino

Whether you enjoy the high-stakes excitement of card games, the adrenaline of roulette or the skill of poker, casinos are places where people can let their hair down and have some fun. Their flashy decor, music and food options make them desirable attractions for many. And because there’s no telling when luck will strike, the thrill of playing keeps visitors coming back for more.

But gambling is one of the most competitive businesses in existence. Just because a casino is successful one day doesn’t mean it will be the next. It isn’t just competing with other casinos, but non-gambling resorts, on-line gaming and a huge illegal gambling business that dwarfs the legal casino industry. And the bottom line is that most casinos lose money and even go bankrupt.

In his classic movie Casino, director Martin Scorsese focuses on three key characters whose actions are the driving force behind the movie’s events. But he also reveals the many players that make up this intricate web of corruption and greed that encompassed Las Vegas at that time.

The movie is a history lesson about the mafia’s takeover of Vegas and how huge gambling corporations took over the city. It lays bare how avarice and greed can drive even the most honorable men to do terrible things. It is a very entertaining movie and a great look at the dark side of Las Vegas.

Marketers have traditionally relied on demographics to help them determine what type of entertainment their audience is interested in. However, this information is only helpful if it’s accurate.